Stick for Six


It can be tough to find a church home, particularly if you only visit once or twice. We encourage you to stick around for six weeks to see if Refuge Church is the right place for you. If, after six weeks, you realize that we’re not the fit for you, we’d love to help you find a church where you can connect.


Here are a few practical steps you can take to get to know us and get connected.

  1. Fill out a Connection Card in a Gathering or through our website. Stick with us for 6 weeks to get to know us.

  2. View the About Us page to learn more about our church and listen to our Vision Series.

  3. Come by the Hospitality Table on Sunday and pick up some info about our church.

  4. Get coffee with one of our elders. It's simple to setup and we'd love to meet you. Just email us.

  5. Attend a Refuge Community. These are an easy way to see our core values as a church lived out & to meet other church members.