Refuge Community Leaders Page

What is this page for?

This page is designed for you, the Refuge Community Leader. It is a single area to access everything you need for your ministry. Whether that be curriculum, help from the office or even quarterly forms this is the place to access them.


The Church Office

The church office is here to help you! We exist to serve & would be glad to assist in many different ways. Some practical ways we can serve you are:

  • Graphic Design for Events
  • Event Advertising on Social Media/Website
  • Group Listing
  • Connecting you with new Visitors
  • Anything else. Got an idea? Just ask! We can be best reached at

Church Calendar of Events

Planning & Care Forms

The planning form should be filled out every 3 months.

The monthly care worksheet should be filled out by a member of your leadership each month.

Fill this out if you need designs for web or print from the church office.

Additional Resources

Formation Manual & Videos

Formation Manual (short)

Week 1 | Pt. The Gospel Through Two Lenses
Week 1 | Pt. 2 How Should We Talk
Week 2 | Pt 1 How Should We Listen?
Week 2 | Pt. 2 The Vision for Refuge Communities
Week 3 | Pt 1. Gospel Identities
Week 3 | Pt. 2 Creating A Disciple Making Environment
Week 4 | Pt. 1 What Will We Do?
Week 4 | Pt. 2 How We Do Life With the Spirit

Leadership Model

Why Shared Leadership?

Old Curriculum