Our Sunday Gatherings are a safe place where our church family comes together to spend time with one another in worship of God. During our gatherings believers, nonbelievers & everyone in between are welcome to come, worship & learn more about God, as well as the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. We would love to have you join us on a Sunday.



SUNDAYS @10:30am

1675 Woodman Dr.
Dayton, OH 45432






What Should I expect?

Our Sunday services follow what we call a liturgy. Liturgy is a pattern or order for how something is to be done. For us here at Refuge, everything is about the Gospel. We pattern each aspect of our service around the Gospel story. We like to break that liturgy into four distinct parts:

  • Creation - We are Called to Worship through Scripture & music just as we were created to do at the beginning of creation.

  • Fall - We are Called to Confess our sin through scripture reading & song to lament our separation from God.

  • Redemption - We hear God's word preached & take part in the communion meal to be Assured of Christ's pardon for us.

  • Restoration - Lastly we are sent through song & benediction to go and be a blessing to our communities & our city.